Esterline Connection Technologies has exceptional experience in braiding different materials, sizes and shapes to ensure shielding against radio frequency electromagentic intereferences (RF/EMI).

Our solution

EMI Braid

From stainless steel, tin-copper, nickel, bronze to Dacron, Esterline Connection Technologies has exceptionnal experience in braiding different materials, sizes and shapes which are then incorporated as a protective physical layer within our conduit product series.

Wire protection

Metallic braids

Metallic braids integrated into cables and conduit offer beneficial functions of EMI/RFI shielding, improved signal integraty, strength and easy crimping or solder termination to a connector or backshell. Half of the bobbins move in a clockwise direction while the other half moves in the opposite direction. Both intersect through a "sinusoidal path" as a central ring guides the strands through the entire process resulting in a locked braiding architecture.

Braided conduit

Esterline Connection Technologies has a fully integrated process composed of bobbing winders and braiders. This porvides manufacturing flexibility and options to offer multiple braid layer configurations and custom solutions to accommodate your most demanding design applications.

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