Esterline Connection Technologies offers a range of connectors and complimentary backshells and accessories that can withstand immersion in fluids. Our sealed interconnect solutions for fluids permit use in immersion applications containing aggressive or corrosive elements. A wide range of applications can benefit from this technology, including motorsports for connections in the fuel tanks, medical equipment which is regularly sterilised, and industrial applications using detergents and chemicals.

Our solution

Connectors for fluid immersion

For harsh environmental applications where fluid immersion occurs, our connectors offer a high resistance and perfect protection, as well as being easy to install.

High resistance

Our high-performance fluoroelastomer seals that are present in our fuel tank connectors offer an extremely reliable resistance to aggressive motor fluids including fuel, oils and lubricants.


The glass-bead insulator in our hermetic ranges guarantee that no leaks will occur when it is immerged.

Designed to meet your needs

Esterline Connection Technologies possesses the capabilities to develop products specifically to match your needs. Our medical connectors are a perfect example since they required a high resistance to regular sterilisation and high temperatures. Our in-house engineers developed innovative answers to deliver a series of connectors that perform above and beyond our customers' requirements every time.